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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Battle Arena Outcome

Battle Arena Outcome

I share some data on my own Battle Arena outcome in the recent game play of Dragon Story.


Battle Arena Outcome Against Diamond dragon Level 14:

Use Cheshire dragon Level 10 : Battle Arena Outcome  -> Lost

Use Forestfire dragon Level 10 : Battle Arena Outcome   -> Lost

Use Naga dragon  Level 10 : Battle Arena Outcome   -> Lost

Use Aurora dragon  Level 10 : Battle Arena Outcome   -> Lost

Use Atlantis dragon  Level 10 : Battle Arena Outcome   -> WON ! (yay)

Good luck to your personal Battle Arena outcome!

a1pro dragonstory

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Battle Arena

Battle Arena

The Battle Arena is a new addition to the Dragon Story gameplay. Most iOS users should be able to see this new building called the Battle Arena appear on its own in their Dragon Story game.

You don't need to purchase or build the Battle Arena. It just popped out by itself one day.

In this Battle Arena, you challenge a dragon in the Battle Arena. Send one of your own dragons into the Battle Arena and fight it out. You can bash the opponent. You can use magic on your opponent. Either way, keep bashing or magic-ing until the opposing dragon or your own dragon becomes exhausted.

Out of the Battle Arena, you send your wounded dragon to heal in the Healing Spring. It takes about 6 hours to heal an exhausted dragon to full health, with the use of some coins.

The opponents in the Battle Arena are pretty tough. You need to choose the right dragon to deal with the different dragons presented in the battle arena.

Every victory in the battle arena for you earns you a Leviathan Pearl. Collect 99 Leviathan Pearls and you can craft the Leviathan dragon in the Spell Shop.

Good luck to your battle arena battles.

a1pro dragonstory
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