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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How To Breed Diamond Dragon

How To Breed Diamond Dragon Part 1 of 10

I have been searching high and low for the best formula (or pairing to be exact) to answer this question on how to breed diamond dragon.

Like many of you, I have got zero diamond dragon at the moment. Hopefully my luck will turn for the better sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, I continue my search to find out how to breed diamond dragon.

Perhaps I should list out all the potential pairings of dragons that may yield a diamond dragon. Then consider the pros and cons of each type of pairing. Finally, I might discuss the probabilities of each dragon combination to see which pairs provide the best chances to solve my problem of how to breed diamond dragon.

I shall list the breeding dragons that may provide a diamond dragon offspring in this list on how to breed diamond dragon.

Bear with me, as this dragon couple list of how to breed diamond dragon is super super super ultra ultra ultra long.

Dragon Parentage To Breed Diamond Dragon:
(Beginning with letter A)

Aether Dragon & Angel Dragon
Aether Dragon & Crusader Dragon
Aether Dragon & Eagle Dragon
Aether Dragon & Elf Dragon
Aether Dragon & Fairy Dragon
Aether Dragon & Firestorm Dragon
Aether Dragon & Fireworks Dragon
Aether Dragon & Flower Dragon
Aether Dragon & Forestfire Dragon
Aether Dragon & Fruitful Dragon
Aether Dragon & Fuzzy Dragon
Aether Dragon & Gold Dragon
Aether Dragon & Griffin Dragon
Aether Dragon & Honeybee Dragon
Aether Dragon & Justice Dragon
Aether Dragon & Kite Dragon
Aether Dragon & Landworm Dragon
Aether Dragon & Laserlight Dragon
Aether Dragon & Leopard Dragon
Aether Dragon & Life Dragon
Aether Dragon & Love Dragon
Aether Dragon & Mirage Dragon
Aether Dragon & Parakeet Dragon
Aether Dragon & Pegasus Dragon
Aether Dragon & Pumpkin Dragon
Aether Dragon & Quetzal Dragon
Aether Dragon & Scarecrow Dragon
Aether Dragon & Scorpion Dragon
Aether Dragon & Snowman Dragon
Aether Dragon & Sunrise Dragon
Aether Dragon & Tiny Dragon
Aether Dragon & Turkey Dragon
Aether Dragon & Tusker Dragon
Aether Dragon & Wild Dragon
Air Dragon & Aurora Dragon
Air Dragon & Super Dragon
Angel Dragon & Athletic Dragon
Angel Dragon & Atlantis Dragon
Angel Dragon & Aurora Dragon
Angel Dragon & Bubble Dragon
Angel Dragon & Charm Dragon
Angel Dragon & Clown Dragon
Angel Dragon & Coral Dragon
Angel Dragon & Eagle Dragon
Angel Dragon & Elf Dragon
Angel Dragon & Fairy Dragon
Angel Dragon & Familiar Dragon
Angel Dragon & Firestorm Dragon
Angel Dragon & Fireworks Dragon
Angel Dragon & Flower Dragon
Angel Dragon & Forestfire Dragon
Angel Dragon & Fruitful Dragon
Angel Dragon & Genie Dragon
Angel Dragon & Honeybee Dragon
Angel Dragon & Island Dragon
Angel Dragon & Justice Dragon
Angel Dragon & Kite Dragon
Angel Dragon & Landworm Dragon
Angel Dragon & Life Dragon
Angel Dragon & Mermaid Dragon
Angel Dragon & Mindvolt Dragon
Angel Dragon & Mirage Dragon
Angel Dragon & Mist Dragon
Angel Dragon & Mistmoth Dragon
Angel Dragon & Origami Dragon
Angel Dragon & Parakeet Dragon
Angel Dragon & Planet Dragon
Angel Dragon & Poison Dragon
Angel Dragon & Pumpkin Dragon
Angel Dragon & Scarecrow Dragon
Angel Dragon & Scorpion Dragon
Angel Dragon & Seabreeze Dragon
Angel Dragon & Serpent Dragon
Angel Dragon & Snowman Dragon
Angel Dragon & Storm Dragon
Angel Dragon & Super Dragon
Angel Dragon & Titan Dragon
Angel Dragon & Trickster Dragon
Angel Dragon & Turkey Dragon
Angel Dragon & Wild Dragon
Angel Dragon & Witch Dragon
Angel Dragon & Wizard Dragon
Angel Dragon & Zombie Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Athletic Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Atlantis Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Aurora Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Bubble Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Clown Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Dream Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Eagle Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Elf Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Fairy Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Firestorm Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Fireworks Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Flower Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Forestfire Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Fruitful Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Fuzzy Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Griffin Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Honeybee Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Ice Cream Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Island Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Justice Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Kite Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Landworm Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Laserlight Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Leopard Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Life Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Love Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Mermaid Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Mindvolt Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Mirage Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Mist Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Parakeet Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Pegasus Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Pumpkin Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Scarecrow Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Scorpion Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Seabreeze Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Serpent Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Snowman Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Storm Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Sunrise Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Super Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Tiny Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Turkey Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Tusker Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Wild Dragon
Anubis Dragon & Winter Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Aurora Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Boo Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Elf Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Fairy Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Familiar Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Flower Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Fruitful Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Fuzzy Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Genie Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Gold Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Griffin Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Hypnotic Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Kite Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Leopard Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Luck Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Origami Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Parakeet Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Pegasus Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Poison Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Quetzal Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Scarecrow Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Sunrise Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Tiny Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Trickster Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Turkey Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Witch Dragon
Athletic Dragon & Zombie Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Boo Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Charm Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Crusader Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Eagle Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Firestorm Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Fireworks Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Genie Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Gold Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Griffin Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Honeybee Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Hypnotic Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Justice Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Kite Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Laserlight Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Leopard Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Love Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Luck Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Mirage Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Origami Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Planet Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Pumpkin Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Scarecrow Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Scorpion Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Sunrise Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Super Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Tiny Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Titan Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Trickster Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Turkey Dragon
Atlantis Dragon & Tusker Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Boo Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Bubble Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Charm Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Clown Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Crusader Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Diamond Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Dream Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Eagle Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Elf Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Fairy Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Fire Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Firestorm Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Fireworks Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Flower Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Forestfire Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Fruitful Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Fuzzy Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Genie Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Gold Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Griffin Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Honeybee Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Hypnotic Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Ice Cream Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Infinity Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Justice Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Kite Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Landworm Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Laserlight Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Leopard Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Life Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Light Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Love Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Luck Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Mercury Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Mindvolt Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Mirage Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Mist Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Origami Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Parakeet Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Pegasus Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Planet Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Pumpkin Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Quetzal Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Scarecrow Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Scorpion Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Seabreeze Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Snowman Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Storm Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Sunrise Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Super Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Tiny Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Titan Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Trickster Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Turkey Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Tusker Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Virtue Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Wild Dragon
Aurora Dragon & Winter Dragon

part 2 to be continued here ...

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