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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Results: Breed Night With Fire Dragon

Results: Breed Night With Fire Dragon

I started breeding Night dragon with Fire in my Dragon Story mobile entertainment app game on 2 March 2013.

I am aiming to get the new Goblin dragon that was launched for breeding recently.

Possible Results: Breed Night With Fire Dragon

Goblin Dragon Super Rare 9 hours
Coral Dragon Common 10 hours
Athletic Dragon Rare 11 hours
LeftHeart Dragon Rare 12 hours
RightHeart Dragon Rare 12 hours
Mistmoth Dragon Super Rare 12 hours
Charm Dragon Common 16 hours
Aether Dragon Super Rare 16 hours
Super Dragon Rare 17 hours
Cupid Dragon Rare 18 hours
Planet Dragon Super Rare 19 hours
Magic Dragon Rare 20 hours
Wizard Dragon Rare 22 hours
Night Dragon Rare 23 hours
Titan Dragon Rare 32 hours

My Actual Results: Breed Night With Fire Dragon

#1 = 12-hour dragon (RightHeart dragon)
#2 = 17-hour dragon (Super dragon)
#3 = 16-hour dragon (Charm)
#4 = 23-hour dragon (Night)
#5 = 12-hour dragon (Rightheart dragon again)

(more results to be added soon)

Good luck to your dragon story breeding plan to get results. Breed Night with Fire dragon for success!

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