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Friday, March 1, 2013

I Breed Mindvolt Dragon

I Breed Mindvolt Dragon

I breed Mindvolt dragon of Dragon Story mobile entertainment app game on 24 Feb 2013.

I put Diamond dragon with Seabreeze dragon in the dragon breeding den. My first dragon egg was a Mist dragon. The second attempt yielded a Mindvolt dragon.

Other combinations to breed Mindvolt dragon, a Rare dragon, are:

List 1 Pairings with:
Mist dragon
Storm dragon
Clown dragon
Seabreeze dragon
Fireworks dragon
Mirage dragon


Air dragon with Water dragon
Air dragon with List 1 dragons
Water dragon with List 1 dragons


many other dragon combos.

Good luck to you on your plan to breed Mindvolt dragon.

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