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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dragonstory Breeding

Dragonstory Breeding

Attempt on 6 Jan 2013

In my mind, the ultimate aim of whatever dragon breeding strategy I adopt must be to breed a complete collection of all available dragons including the limited edition ones.

How one does that is a matter of personal choice.

I know that I have not been consistent in my dragonstory breeding attempts. By that, I mean that I harbour no single strategy to target the numerous dragons available to breed.

Often times, it's just a whim that catches my fancy at the particular moment; sometimes it's the advertisement of new dragons launched for breeding; at times it could be a friend/neighbour having success at breeding a particular dragon.

I have been dragonstory breeding for quite some time. My game level is now 63. I'm not sure why I took so long to create this site. But now that it is set up, I will have no excuse to hide behind any reason.

Back to this dragonstory breeding thingy. My heart tells me to do what I do. That is the short answer. Perhaps later, I will go into the details of my long answer.

Hey, this is just a game, not a do-or-die examination or a life-changing event.

So if there is anyone out there, today's dragonstory breeding post serves to record my attempt to breed the Flower dragon.

Dragonstory Breeding Attempt:

Target dragon = Flower dragon

Left flank = Level 6 Virtue dragon

Right flank = Level 9 Forest dragon


= 15-hour dragon (Laserlight dragon)

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