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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How To Craft Emerald Dragon

How To Craft Emerald Dragon

In this post on 'How To Craft Emerald Dragon', I shall discuss the requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to craft Emerald dragon.

The Emerlad dragon is a special dragon that cannot be bred in the usual Dragon Story breeding way. Instead you need to collect a series of raw materials or Gemstones.

The raw materials (gemstones) are produced in the Trading Portal by placing dragons with the necessary colour elements inside. After 6 hours, the dragon that you 'sacrificed' will be turned into a Small or Large Gemstone, or other materials.

Once you collect enough raw materials (gemstones), go to the Spell shop. Inside the Spell shop you create the Emerald dragon with your Gemstones.

Requirements On How To Craft Emerald Dragon

To Craft Emerald Dragon

= Two Large Green gemstones + 3 Spell Scrolls + 8 hours

(= 20 Small Green gemstones + 3 small yellow gemstones + 3 small green gemstone + 8 hours)

To Craft Large Green gemstones

= 20 small Green gemstones

To Craft Spell Scrolls

= 3 small green gemstones and 3 small yellow gemstones

To craft green gemstones, you need to put level 4 hybrid dragons (example: Level 4 Fruitful dragon with green and yellow) into the Trading Portal. The Trading portal will produce a gemstone of either green or yellow randomly. Repeat the process until you get the correct number of each colour gemstones. If you put a Super Rare dragon into the Trading Portal, you can trade it for Large Green gemstone. Common dragons give only small gemstones. Rare dragons can give you two small gemstones at each trading.

Note that currently only players using iOS system (iphone, ipad, ipod) can purchase Spell shop and Craft shop in their Dragon Story game. This may change later once the buildings are released on the Android platform.

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