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Thursday, February 21, 2013

a1pro Blog

a1pro Blog

If you are reading my this blog post, you obviously know about my a1pro blog. I have some other neighbours and new Dragon Story player friends who asked me what is a1pro blog about. Some of them also asked me where to find my a1pro blog.

This a1pro blog post is to help other Dragon Story players find me on the internet. Open your favourite search engine (example: Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc). Type in "a1pro blog". Or better still, type in "a1pro dragonstory". My web site details should appear in your search engine results list.

a1pro blog is the place where I share notes on my journey in playing Dragon Story mobile entertainment app game. I share information on Dragon Story app game such as the various dragon statistics, dragon breeding pairs,  new dragon launches, Dragon Story news, and mostly my personal experience breeding dragons on Dragon Story.

You can find and read my other useful posts on this a1pro dragonstory blogspot site.

Hope you find my a1pro blog useful.

a1pro dragonstory

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