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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chocolate Dragon Sweepstake

Chocolate Dragon Sweepstake

Current Dragon Story mobile entertainment app game is the Chocolate Dragon Sweepstake.

In this Chocolate Dragon Sweepstakes, stand a chance to win 5,000 gold bars.  The  Chocolate Dragon Sweepstake takes place from now till 20 Feb 2013 PST.

To enter this Chocolate Dragon Sweepstake, breed or buy 1 Chocolate dragon for 1 entry. Evolve Chocolate dragon to level 10 to get 10 entries.

The more entries, the higher the chance to win this Chocolate Dragon Sweepstakes.

How to breed CHocolate draqgon? Read my post to learn the secret to breed Chocolate dragon now.

So go for this golden Chocolate Dragon Sweepstakes.

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1 comment:

  1. The only thing i hate about the contest is the time limit and my game refuses to give me anything but a love dragon. I have tried the two combinations and get nothing but love or virtue.I love dragon story but i just wish when there is a contest with a time limit that the breeding would work.


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