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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Craft Topaz Dragon

Craft Topaz Dragon

You can expect to craft Topaz Dragon soon on the Dragon Story mobile entertainment app game platform. This new craft-able dragon will be released for general use on the Dragon Story mobile entertainment app game.

What is the colour element for Topaz dragon? What are the gemstones required to craft Topaz Dragon? How long will it take to craft Topaz dragon?

These questions on how to craft Topaz dragon and more will be answered once the new Topaz dragon is out in the iOS and Android mobile app game markets.

Notes on How To Craft Topaz Dragon:

First sight reveals a Yellow colour element and I suspect the Yellow gemstone will be the major component needed to craft Topaz dragon. But let's wait until it is officially out.

... Craft Topaz Dragon is OUT now...

You need:

=  2 Large Yellow Gems + 2 Nether Dust + 1 Spell Scroll

It takes 20 hours to craft a Topaz dragon.

22 Feb 2013:
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Statistics like crafting time, evolution time on Topaz dragon here.

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