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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cupid Dragon

Cupid Dragon

Just found out about this lovely Cupid dragon, a new love-themed dragon coming up in the Dragon Story mobile internet app game.

Cupid Dragon looks real cute and will likely be part of the Valentine's Day theme new dragon release.

What colour elements do you think Cupid Dragon has?

What would it take to breed Cupid Dragon?

What are the stats for Cupid Dragon? Cupid Dragon Evolution time? Cupid Dragon Egg hatching time? Cupid Dragon Earnings per hour? Cupid dragon Rarity?

Cupid Dragon Purchase Price? 850 gold bars

Cupid Dragon Selling Price? 100 coins

Cupid Dragon Evolution time? 18 hours

Cupid Dragon Egg hatching time? 18 hours

Cupid Dragon Earnings per hour? Level 1 - 247 Level 10 - 1,111

Cupid Dragon Rarity? Rare dragon

Cupid Dragon habit? Red / Purple

Breed Cupid Dragon? Use Purple dragon and Red dragon

How to breed Cupid dragon?
Check out my post here:

Here's a tip on breeding Cupid dragon obtained from friends of a1pro that some players discovered. They used the following dragon parent pairs to get Cupid dragon on first or second try.

Best Tip for Cupid Dragon Pairing =  Super dragon + Charm dragon (or dragons with same color combination). Try to breed Cupid dragon using this combo and let me know if it works for you.

So look out for Cupid Dragon and start to get ready to breed Cupid dragon.

Check out the new Rose dragon here.

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